What is Axone?

Axone ‘Standard’ is a modern and comprehensive platform for managing the learning process and managing courses. It provides tools for creating the complete learning cycle from content creation to the final assessment and certification

Axone is ideal for institutes, academies, training companies and freelancers trainers to organise and manage their clients’s learning and training. Axone is a system that provides your learners with a very positive learning experience by making sure that their training is well organised, that your communication with them is well structured and efficient and that the learning material and information they need is accessible at the touch of a button – all on their smartphone.

Axone is also an excellent platform to manage large training projects, especially projects which require a very detailed audit trail of all the records such as registrations, attendance, photographic evidence, learning material, assessments and certificates.

What are the benefits?

Cloud Technology

An online solution constantly backed up on Cloud, therefore you do not need to worry about losing that precious Excel sheet with the whole training schedule.

Storage Solutions

Store all your teachers'and students' learning material such as power points or videos online organised by course.

Course Management

Set and manage your course sessions for your class or multiple classes/cohorts. Axone gives you the capability to set the dates, time, venue, training room, trainer and more for each of your courses.

Attendance Management

Organise and manage your attendance records. If you are managing an EU funded project, this is a crucial point for you!


issuing certificates to your students is the most satisfying part of your training course. Axone allows you to design personalised certificates for each of your courses.

Course Design

Designing your courses is now possible! Axone guides you through the course design process so you can stray in line with the European Qualifications Framework should you wish to get your course accredited.

Evaluation and Performance

Evaluate your courses and monitor your performance and that of your trainers. It provides you with instant statistical graphs in real time based on your learners’ feedback


Axone is a comprehensive system that enables online assessment and uploading of student assignments whilst making it easy to assess students through its dynamic grading centre. Packed with features such as the setup of simple multiple choice assessments, detailed assessment guides and assignment verification system, Axone Also makes it easy to create complex assessments for an accredited programme at level 7.


Communicate easily with all your users, including your students, trainers and assessors through email, bulk letters and SMS.

Pricing & Details

Axone ‘Standard’ has a straight forward and affordable pricing with a fixed fee per student/ learner per year.