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What is Axone?

Axone is a modern and comprehensive platform for managing the learning process and managing courses. It provides tools for creating the complete learning cycle from content creation to the final assessment and certification.

Axone is a Learning Management System in response to a need expressed by several training organisations. The learning management software is the result of a collaboration among experts who in the last 10 years have jointly managed HR departments, an academy offering learning programmes in leadership, management and finance and numerous major EU funded training projects.

We have created Axone to make our lives and our trainers’ lives easier. More than this, we were driven to create a system that provides our learners with a very positive learning experience by making sure that their training is well organised, that our communication with them is well structured and efficient and that the learning material and information they need is accessible at the touch of a button – all on their smartphone.

Learn how Axone can help you

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Axone ‘Standard’ is ideal for institutes, academies, companies and freelance trainers to organise and manage their clients’s learning and training

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Axone HR

Axone HR is ideal for HR directors and managers to manage and organise their own internal company employees’ learning and training. 

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Axone ILM

Axone ILM is the perfect learning management system for institutes, academies, companies and freelancers running ILM certified courses.

Organisation is the key

If you are managing a training project, maybe one for which you got EU funding, you simply have no alternative but to be super mega organised.

The sole purpose of Axone is to help you get organised and manage your training programme. It helps your trainers be organised and, most importantly, it helps your learners be organised during the learning experience.

Organising a simple 3-day training course, an EU funded training course and organising a fully-fledged Masters’ level degree course involves common organisational aspects. You need to design the course or programme; you may need to get the course accredited; you need to organise the teaching and learning material; you need to organise the session schedules; you need to organise the attendance records; you need to book the venue or class; you need to communicate with the trainers and the learners about the venue, the date, the time, the material and, most importantly, you need to sort out the coffee breaks!

And when you think it’s all over you need to organise the assessments and evaluate the course to monitor and improve your performance.

Axone helps you get it all organised and put on record.

Training people requires good organisation. Training loads of people requires very good organisation.